Millet packaging box case analysis

Published by admin 2022-12-20

The appearance design of the box of millet mobile phone is very simple, basically using the primary color of paper, without too much printing, which ensures the pollution of ink when recycling and recycling, while reducing the printing cost. The packaging box can withstand the pressure of more than 85 kilograms. For the journey of the mobile phone, the protection of the packaging box can guarantee the safety of the mobile phone during the bumpy journey. Users will no longer have to worry about the violent ways of unbundling their mobile phones by Courier. A small packaging box can protect the mobile phone is very comprehensive.
Millet mobile phone use light color wood pulp imports all cattle paperboard box production, has a high degree of burst and pull strength, millet mobile phone box theory can withstand 300 kilograms of pressure and not broken, the bearing data of the interest of many wild rice, the Internet also spread out a lot about millet mobile phone boxes bearing test, such as dance and stomp on the box, the box is intact, thanks to the millet mobile phone boxes used in the paper is very good.
The technical indicators of Xiaomi mobile phone box special paper are as follows:
Rupture (Burst) : 8.37-9.13 kg/cm2
Ring pressure index (RingCruchCD) : 3.35kN/m
Water (Moisture) : 5.5 to 8%

                       packaging box
1, using Canadian origin liquid sulfate softwood pulp making, paper processing very level off, smooth, belong to light all wood pulp paper products, paper inside each is very strong, have very strong degree of burst and tensile strength, good protect mobile phone box made in transit will not be damaged by pressure, can very good protection of mobile phone.

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2, although the millet mobile phone box paper did not like samsung S4 series mobile phones that use recycled paper making, environmental protection but millet mobile phone box still have their own characteristics, such as the entire box simply printed on the logo of millet, with the amount of ink is far less than the samsung S4 series mobile phone boxes, printing costs are relatively lower, this way of printing should be the pursuit of simple and millet company itself, excellent performance.

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3, recycling and recycling, it is understood that this packaging box in addition to strong protection is also very environmental protection, the most external use of extremely thick kraft paper process, the inner packaging of white pulp hard frame, all the shell is completely environmental protection, can be 100% degradation recycling. This is a great design, both for the environment and for the phone. However, the cost of such a box will also be greatly increased, for the cost of the problem, if added to the price of the mobile phone, the user will undoubtedly bear more cost, for the price of millet mobile phone believe that many users are very concerned about.

                         packaging box
Secondly, the internal structure design of Xiaomi box is different from the structure processing of iPhone series. Instead, it uses the origami design of cattle paper to realize the placement of products. In this way, the internal structure of Xiaomi is actually very flexible. We can see from the picture, a battery charger, electrical appliances, data cable integrated liner packaging
Personally, I think this kind of structure is more convenient and flexible than the structure that is formed at one time.
In general, the packaging box of Xiaomi series is a relatively successful case. From 1S to the current M4 tablet, no matter the material used or the shape or the basic design is the same, the packing precision is very high. This is different from other manufacturers, there are some changes from a certain stage to another stage, which also brings some changes in the cost, so a good design once it is finalized in the early stage, it will be of great help to the later stage. (In general, Xiaomi's packaging strategy is more successful, of course, the cost of this kind of box is also relatively high)

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